CARBOY returns became a book ......

Beginning with this HP, various kicks are born,
From there, a book called "CARBOY Returns!" Was born.

Seven years have passed since CARBOY was closed.
In such a case, publishing such a magazine,

Although I think that it is something not very common,
Well, it is an example of what Hyunnic things are born from Hyun's thing (laugh)

However, the book "CARBOY Returns!"
It is not just a magazine, but since I started this HP, the Internet,
Evolution of WEB and the degree of spreading
Because it is Fujimoto who I realized, can I manage it somehow?

It was the existence of "QR code" that I thought and thought in that way.

If you hold a smartphone, the web page related to that article,
Appear on the screen of the smartphone, while watching the magazine, put the smartphone aside,
Larger pictures and longer sentences are on magazine magazines,
It is not a black-and-white small picture, it can also expand
Color photos can be seen plenty ... ....
I made such a magazine.

First public release in Japan!

It is.

Of course, this HP, in various places
We are associated.

No, if anything, since there was this HP,
I think that it is not an exaggeration to say that a book was born.

Like HP, this book "CARBOY Returns!"


CARBOY2017 Concept

CARBOY returns concepts ......

A year called CARBOY 2017 was started, and one year passed. "Who will see this stuff?"
"Are you interested in articles about magazines 20 years ago and 30 years ago?"

While thinking so, "Surely somewhere, thinking" Omoroi Yankei! "
You may be reminded that "There was, there was, like this,"
Does it mean passion that Wake does not understand, or is it called killing time? To such a thing,
As I was thrusting, somehow, one year passed.

Somehow, somehow, but what I have come to see myself,
At first, there was something that I did not think started to look into my face.

Through a work called "coverage" which was awhile for a while,
People who meet after a long time, seeing the work that is doing now,
"Nope, it is the same as before, is not it interesting?"
I am myself thinking so. The existence of the car, the sense of value diminished,
What a cute little whistle! Under the tide,
I am sorry I will say that I will not change,
Doing daily work while going for your interest,
There were people who continue to push forward the world of self-satisfaction.

For WEB page, for Fujimoto is a world of perfect outreach,
As a state-of-the-art amateur, as a magazine expert,
"If you do such a thing, is not it funny?"
"I could not do it with a magazine, but on WEB, this kind of thing ..."
With such an easy idea and the character of Ikeike Don Dong,
Can you do something like CARBOY in the Internet world?
While thinking about such, I continued.

There was a convenient thing called Facebook, so this web page
I got introductions to see it.

I shoot cluttered images shot with digital cameras and smartphones,
I also knew how to post it in HP.

Osan and his uncle talked about Wake not understood,
For those who are not interested that they are spreading over and over,
I also do the development which I do not understand well at all, I gradually do.

Do you call it the fundamental principle,
It is the driving force that, as noted in the last year 's concept,

"It may be something you do not understand only those things that shared that era.
Even though I'm gonna throttle that thing to my teens now, feel the same way
I think it is impossible to give up. However,
We can not make excitement and enthusiasm for that age, we have not.
So let's record at least, at least. "

It is in that.

Well, although it is a botchi, in 2018, even a little bit,
While recording "era called CARBOY", I would like to superimpose it now.

I think so, thank you for having a nice day, thank you.

Censure ” Shuichi Fujimoto@early January 2018